Sales Representative job opening at Spacesoft Integral System Limited – Asaba, Delta State

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Spacesoft Integral System Limited

Position: Sales Representative

Industry: Company Software and Internet Service Provider

Employment Type: Full-Time

Placement: Asaba, Delta State

Job Description

Spacesoft Integral System Limited is seeking candidates for a position in Sales Representative based in Asaba, Delta State. If you are interested in this opportunity, please review the details below.

Spacesoft Integral System Limited is a dynamic software company and Internet Service Provider dedicated to offering top-notch solutions in solar and CCTV services. We are seeking a motivated and result-oriented Sales Representative to join our team in Asaba, Delta. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing our social media handles, handling social media advertisements, and engaging with potential customers to convince them of the value of our services.

In this role, you will be expected to go out and meet potential customers, highlight the benefits of patronizing our services, and address their queries through phone calls. You will follow up on potential customers, develop sales strategies, create service packages that appeal to customers, and maintain good customer relationships. Strong convincing power and an excellent command of English are essential for this role.

Your ability to manage social media advertisements effectively and interact with customers online and offline will be critical to your success. You will play a vital role in driving sales and expanding our customer base by promoting our solar and CCTV services. If you are passionate about sales, have a knack for customer engagement, and possess strong communication skills, we encourage you to apply.

Job Detail


  • Manage the social media handles of the company
  • Handle social media advertisements and engage with potential customers to convert them into buyers
  • Meet potential customers and convince them of the importance of patronizing our services, especially solar and CCTV services
  • Call and answer customer calls regarding sales of services
  • Follow up on potential customers
  • Develop sales strategies and service packages that encourage customers
  • Maintain good customer relationships
  • Demonstrate convincing power and a good command of English

Job Requirements

Before applying, please take the time to thoroughly review and comprehend the job requirements outlined below. Ensuring that you meet all the specified criteria will significantly enhance your candidacy for the Sales Representative position at Spacesoft Integral System Limited:


  • Proven experience in sales or customer service roles
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong understanding of social media management and advertisement
  • Ability to develop effective sales strategies
  • Convincing power and good command of English

Education Requirements

  • Minimum of an OND/HND or Bachelor’s degree in any related field

Experience Requirements

  • Proven experience in sales or customer service roles


  • Social media management and advertisement
  • Customer engagement and relationship management
  • Sales strategy development
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Convincing power and a good command of English
  • Ability to follow up with potential customers

Salary, Benefits and incentive

Provided below are the offerings in terms of salary, benefits, and incentives awaiting you in the role of Sales Representative at Spacesoft Integral System Limited:


NGN 80,000 - 120,000 per-Month.

Job Benefits

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development opportunities

Incentive Compensation

  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Commission on sales

Date posted: July 8, 2024

Posted on: Asaba


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Spacesoft Integral System Limited is dedicated to providing high-quality software and internet services. Our team is focused on delivering exceptional customer service and driving sales through innovative strategies. If you are an enthusiastic Sales Representative with a passion for customer engagement and a drive to achieve sales targets, we invite you to join our team in Asaba.