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Since we are on a roll with parodies I thought this one would be good for us tonight! Good work MadTV! Click HERE to see the original!

This links back to this AWESOME video. Again the beer fridge is an awesome idea. The guys inside of it FAIL at keeping the ladies though… well played parody lol

Nothing says fun to a kid like a graph or chart! Courtesy of SarcasticGamer, this parody takes a deeper look into what this Wii Fit revolution is all about.


You can’t beat a Jesus related video done to the beat of MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This! Definitely an odd piece in its own right!

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Boss: Jesse!

Me: Sorry boss, fell asleep.

Boss: I got up to get coffee, that’s an absurd amount of time to fall asleep in. Did you get my mail yet?

Me: Yea boss, got it in .2 seconds!

Boss: I asked for this 20 minutes ago.

Me: That’s improbable.

Boss: It happened. This is all my mail?

Me: Results 1-5. Here, give me those back and I’ll show you the next 5.

Boss: I’d like to just look at them all at the same time. And please stop playing with that hourglass.

Me: Sorry.

Boss: Also, I see you didn’t print the memo I asked you to.

Me: Yea about that…Are you sure you want to print it?

Boss: Wholly and completely.

Me: Okay it’s just that…you didn’t use real words. Look at this one.

Boss: That’s my name.

Me: Right, here we go then. Hold on it appears you’re not connected to the internet.

Boss: What? Here, let me…

Me: Hey your network configuration has changed!

Boss: Thank you, that was me changing it manually. Listen, when you’re done printing can you find “gr-

Me: “granny trannie panties?”

Boss: …”green computing solutions.” That must be left over from your old boss, I’m gonna need you to forget everything he ever asked of you. Can you do that?

Me: …

Boss: Jesse? Jesse put the hourglass down. Okay this isn’t working out. You’re unresponsive; I’m going to have to-

Me: You can’t fire me! (storms out of office)

Secretary: Sir, Jesse quit unexpectedly.


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