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I have no clue WHAT I would do if I walked out of the restroom and was in the middle of a board meeting… maybe shake everyone’s hand? Especially since there aren’t any sinks in there!

The fail is right at the 1 minute mark… when they go to call the police to get Pharrell out of their store… here’s the cameraman’s take on it all: On a connecting flight home from Malaysia, we stopped in Paris. At 6am, Pharrell tries anything to get McDonald’s to open up early. Maybe a little song and dance might do the trick. or maybe not… LOL! Fail!

LOL! What a great parody of a pretty hot music video by Beyonce Knowles. This isn’t FAIL, this is WIN! Great job over there at SNL! Keep it up! If you want to see the original music video just click HERE

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