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In the hard recession times we are facing today, one must look for alternatives in the ways the make money. Some become more focused in work to avoid being fired while others work more hours. Of course, however, there are always the smart-asses who think they can get away with breaking the law.

And these two almost did.


Thomas Parking, 49, has been impersonating his mom for the past 6 years. Impersonating to the point of dressing like her and getting a wig, whilst getting a friend to pose for him. And he was getting away with this, for six long, benefit-filled damn years.

Over that time frame, he collected over $50,000 from her Social Security checks and an extra 65,000 in rent subsidies through claiming he had a disability and that his mother was alive and his landlord.

“Parkin used his friend Rimolo to pose as the mother’s nephew when going to cash checks and do other business, prosecutors said. A security camera photo from the DMV office shows a frail-looking Parkin in a wig and dark glasses, Rimolo by his side, as he fills out paperwork.”

Eventually Parkin got greedy, like most criminals, and decided to sue the owner of his mother’s home, which had been sold at foreclosure back in 2003. For all future criminals out there – I don’t endorse your acts, by the way – please be smart, if you are committing a criminal act, then don’t draw attention to yourself . It’s common sense fellas.

Anyhow eventually the two sides sued each other of fraud – see draw attention – and the opposite side figured out that the mother had been dead for 6 years and reported it to the investigators.

They arranged a meeting, and Parking arrived “wearing a red cardigan, lipstick, manicured nails and breathing through an oxygen tank,”.

That must have been a cool story to tell their office mates.

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Let’s face it, we’ve all at some point joked about how Google is God and sees all; well this situation in the Netherlands may just bring some truth to this notion. It would seem as though Google Street View has lead to the arrests of two criminals (pictured).

Last September, in the Dutch town of Groningen, a fourteen year old boy was robbed of 165 Euros ($230) and his cell phone after being dragged off his bicycle by two perpetrators.

After several months, the victim was checking out Google’s Street View in March and saw an image of himself being tailed by two individuals whom he believed to be the criminals.

The victim went back to the police who then had prosecutors approach Google for the original photo (faces of people in Street View are blurred by Google for privacy) and Google (being the benevolent “God” it is) happily obliged. With the original photo in their hands, detectives recognized one of the suspects and proceeded to arrest them.

So next time you plan on robbing someone, or you yourself get robbed, remember both God and Google are watching, and Google is on the Internet.

By the way, Happy Father’s Day!

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