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What would you do if you had a million dollars? Hell, actually, what would you do if you had anything over 500 dollars?

If it was up to the majority of people in the world, they would spend that money until their bank accounts were in the negatives: they would travel across the world, eat incredible food, and get wasted in VIP areas.

Then again, I’m sure most of you have hidden Playboy or Game Informer magazines hidden under your mattresses. Or maybe the photo of that girl or guy who is just so damned hot. Or maybe you have a grand total of 1 million dollars stashed there.

Wait, what?

Oh yes my friends, that Israeli woman had 1 million dollars stashed in her mattress. Best part of this story?

She threw it away by accident.

She could use one of these

That’s right, the Israeli woman bought the mattress for her elderly mother, then, as any rational person would do, threw the old mattress away – the one with the crap load of money. The morning after she made the wise connection that she had just given away her own life earnings, she screamed in terror.

If you are wondering why she put such a giant amount of money in her mattress in the first place, it was apparently because she had “traumatic experiences with banks” in the past. Seriously, at least bank savings are not “mobile”, shall we say.

You may find her today searching for her mattress in a trash dump in Tel Aviv containing 2500 tons of filthy garbage.

I’m not kidding.

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