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If you just stumbled into the Wacky Issues section, then congratulations, you just found out about the newest part of the Daily Fail Blog.  If you didn’t stumble into it, then seriously who cares?  You are bored and you want entertainment now!

And that is the point of Wacky Issues my friends, we look for funny, interesting, or just plain old weird stuff and then add a touch of personal humor that is sure to make you roll-on-the-floor-laughing.  If you like our wacky content, then leave us a comment or drop by our home site to show us some love.

Dying of excitement?  Don’t worry, our first article will be up shortly.

Now every good criminal knows – take no pictures, DENY DENY DENY. This kid decided it would be a really great idea to take a picture of himself burglarizing a house. What makes it even better, is that he used the victim’s cellphone to take the picture.

Did he accidentally leave the cellphone somewhere after stealing it from the home? NO! He tossed it back onto the floor of the house he was burglarizing!

After taking a picture of himself!

If this guy doesn’t win an award for being the dumbest criminal of the year, I have no faith left in web awards.

There is one thing though, he will be internet famous for the rest of his life!

Special Thanks to Lee Utterback from Twitter for showing us this story – @LeeIsAwesome !~

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