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I always knew them Aussies were up to no good with their billabongs and dunnies. Aye Mate. I just never thought they would do something like this… go ahead… watch it!

  • eat fruit from a tree less than five years old. [Lev. 19:23]
  • cross-breed animals. [Lev. 19:19]
  • grow two different plants in your garden. [Lev. 19:19]
  • wear a cotton-polyester blend T-Shirt. [Lev. 19:19]
  • read your horoscope. [Lev. 19:26]
  • consult a psychic. [Lev. 19:31]
  • cut your hair. [Lev. 19:27]
  • trim your beard. [Lev. 19:27]
  • are tatooed. [Lev. 19:28]
  • plant crops for more than seven years. [Lev. 25:4, Ex. 23:10-13]
  • bear a grudge. [Lev. 19:17]
  • collect interest on a loan. [Ex. 22:24]
  • insult a leader. [Ex. 22:27]
  • mistreat a foreigner. [Ex. 22:21, 23:9]
  • spread false rumors. [Ex. 23:1] (Sorry, Pat Robertson!)
  • drive a Mercury. [Ex. 23:13] (Look it up.)

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