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Some fishermen catch simple salmon, while those most experienced in the craft go for big catches like marlins, sharks, and whales. Well 10 days ago Rodney Soloman said “screw you all, I can do better”.

And better it was, much better – much more explosive too. If you are sitting there wondering what type of fish would be so god-damned amazing besides a giant 20 feet octopus, then wonder no more. It wasn’t a fish.

Octopus can’t beat that

It was a missile. A live missile. Live as in “I’m going to blow up in your face because you piss me off”. And yet Mr. Soloman reeled it in and kept it in his boat for 10 days until he dropped it off at the city of St. Petersburg.

A bomb squad was immediately called in – likely crapping their pants in fear – and successfully disarmed it in an empty parking lot. According to the reports:

“the missile was very corroded from floating in saltwater for a long time. It was live and in a very unstable state.”

Please note the “very unstable state”. Poor Rodney was probably just a sneeze away from blowing himself to smithereens.

Anyone here would like to dare the suicidal Iranian woman to take that bomb and hit it with a hammer?

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