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The Swiss are known for being neutral for the past couple hundred years and having a weapon stored inside every boxer, sock, and hat. Now we add another to that list, they like cow fighting.

In Grimentz, Switzerland, the ancient ritual of glorified cow fighting occurs every summer. They even have judges rating the fights that occur in the premises. A tiny fun fact is that the cows themselves decided to fight, not their owners.

You see these cows are fiercely territorial, with leadership being selected through who is best in battle. There have been unconfirmed reports from doubtful sources (me) that the real reason they fight is because they have the Mad Swiss Cow disease. And because they hate neutrality.

The locals say that it is rare for the cows to hurt each other, which is equivalent to saying you won’t get wet when you jump in the pool. Unfortunately, the winner doesn’t get anything in return for her cow-fighting prowess, she just returns to her herd as a queen, imaginary crown and all.

If the owner decides to sell the queen cow he gets a nice-looking $30,000 for his effort, with about $0.00 going to the real winner. One of the added benefits is that the owner of the cow becomes more respected than the mayor of the town, which hints that the Mad Swiss Cow disease affects humans too.

While the villagers take the sport very seriously, the times when they depended on their cows to live are long gone, and today it is quite common to see the owners of the animals driving cars. This proves that the modern world needs a sport that does not depend on the person at all so that couch potatoes can get 30 grand for whatever they want.

I’ll be first in line.

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